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Organic Poultry Feed

We present a comprehensive range of Organics that help in killing the bacterias that are harmful for both plants and animals along with organic poultry feed and organic animal feed. Our range of Organics does not have any adverse effect on the nutritional content thus making them absolutely safe. The usage of these Organics helps reducing mortality, assures better profitability etc. The range includes Micro Fine - PCF, Micro Fine - STF, MicroFine - H2O.

Micro Fine - PCF (Physiologically correct feed)

micro fine - pcf (physiologically correct feed)

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Harmful Microbes Damage Intestine
Harmful microbes multiply in the warm, moist, nutrient enriched food causing damage to gut mucosa while getting attached. This result in thickening of Intestinal mucosa, lesser enzyme secretion, increased mucus/electrolyte/water secretion and lesser nutrient absorption.

AGPs are used to reduce bacterial counts, prevent thickening of gut, improve nutrient utilization and performance.

Stop Using AGPs
European Union has banned the use of all AGPs in animal feeds to increase human safety. India has recently notified that animal products be free from Antibiotic Residues while microbiologically safer.
Instantly kills feed-borne bacteria (in less than 30 seconds contact time) Brings down the effective pH of gut for total feed sanitation and better intestinal physiology & ecology.

Micron Fine - PCF application to feed also brings the mold count in feed. Micron Fine - PCF prevents formation of mycotoxins in milled feed and also helps detoxification of preformed mycotoxins.

Unlike many commercial acidifiers, Micro fine - PCF does not adversely affect the flavor or nutritional quality of the feed. Designed with innovate bionization technology Micro fine-PCF Is soft and supportive to the nutrient profile of feed.

Microfine-PCF Benefits

Micro Fine - STF (Salmonella Termination Factor)

micro fine - stf (salmonella termination factor)

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MicroFine-STF is a formulation of organic acid salts for specific activity against Salmonella and Clostridia

In a batch with Salmonella positive reactors, MicroFine-STF has to be administered at the rate of 3 -5 ltrs per ton of feed (mixed in 10-15 ltrs of water) for 10-15 days or till such time of significant reduction in the number of positive reactors. Further, MicroFine-STF can be administered at 1-2 Ltrs, mixed in 10-15 ltrs of water, per ton of feed, till reactors are reduced to zero, or continuously.

In a batch with no or very less positive reactors, Apply MicroFine-STF at 3-5 Ltrs per ton for 3 days And bring down to 1-2 Ltrs level.

Microfine-STF can also effectively control clostridia. In suspected/confirmed cases of feed contamination with Clostridia, apply MicroFine-STF at 3-5Ltrs per ton of feed (in 10-15 ltr water) for 3 days and bring down to 1-2 ltrs, depending on the clostridial contamination levels. Alternatively, Microfine-STF can be directly applied on to the suspected ingredient at 5-10Ltrs per ton directly without mixing with water.

The application level and the moisture (water) to be added vary with individual cases and preferences. Please contact your veterinarian or us for guidance

Microfine-STF application to feed is highly beneficial in chicks & growers since Salmonella & Clostridia problems are more common in these stages.

Field trials have proven that MicroFine-STF has a very high efficiency against Salmonella species and was able to bring down the number of positive reactors from as high as 37% to 3% within 10 days of treatment.

Micro Fine - H2O (pH based Water Sanitizer)

micro fine - h2o (ph based water sanitizer)

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Organic acid salt based Drinking Water Purifier brings microbial load from High to O

Specially formulated for immediate dissociation and rapid action to sanitize the drinking water instantaneously.

Effectively decontaminates water from all known poultry pathogens found contaminating water.

No withholding time or treatment time required

Can be consumed immediately after mixing.

Effective in vitro and in vivo.

Suggested inclusion level 0.5ml per liter of water.

Helps improve intestinal physiology and ecology.

Helps regeneration of intestinal epithelium.

Under field observations, continuous MicroFine-H2O application to water has produced extra body weight in broilers to the tune of 27-63 gms per bird, as compared to other water treatments.

Special Note: Does not affect the activity or results of other in-water supplements. Compatible or beneficial with most therapeutic antibiotics. Do not use while administering vaccine through drinking water.

Poultry Production is facing a three faced problem now. Disease Control, which needs usage of chemicals and antibiotics, Food Safety Regulations which call for ban on antibiotics and specifies lower microbial counts, Viability of Operations which rule out most of the alternative approaches.

Fortunately, acidifiers have been found to be the most suitable and more beneficial alternatives to Antibiotics in animal production. Right formulation, processing and application logic ensure maximum safety and efficacy in application.

Caretech Organics forwards to you this technology for the first time in Asia-Pacific, in the form of ready-to-use specific products with clear and consistent results. We are glad that we are with you in increasing the Safety, Credibility and Profitability of your poultry operations.
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